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I've been a Pilates Instructor since 2009. 
For some of us though, Pilates is too much.  
We've been going through a period of stress, worry, anxiety with heightened states of fight, flight or freeze, which affects our movement, our muscles, our fascia. 
My hope is with my sessions here that a slower pace, with more awareness of how we move, will help us wake up to working from within, from our inner self, to help connect with our bodies again. 
My partner is a mountain guide, and through his never ending patience I have unlocked areas in my brain I didn't know I had , so that now means I can feel confident on the rock face when we go climbing together. 
 Pilates has helped me move in a better way so can reach those holds and have more fun as I climb and I also get to see some amazing views! 

I've seen fads come and go in the fitness industry. I have also seen behind the scenes of tired fitness instructors, compensation patterns causing pain & I've seen tiny movements in the body change the way the brain organises movement.I
When the brain is feeling safe it will allow movement. If not, then it won't.
With that in mind I teach with compassion & without judgement
  I hope you enjoy my sessions.                                 Mel

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