Online Sessions 

Pilates 4 Photographers 

Join me in a  Zoom Pilates class which is an hour long aimed specifically for Photographers. Have enough space at home for your mat and some undisturbed time. You will be sent a private link for the recording of the session to practice again when you have the time. 

Wednesday 9.30am 

Beginners. Friday 10am

A gentle compassionate session, for stressed bodies, tight bodies, back pain, shoulder pain, and beginners who would love to move well and be more aware of themselves. 




A Sense of Pilates. Monday 10am

Very gentle relaxing one hour  Zoom session based on awareness and sensing movement rather than exercise. If you are stressed or anxious, or recovering from injury or surgery, this is for you.

Monday 10am 



Pilates Monday 6pm 

A general Pilates class for all levels of fitness with a focus on whole body movement. 


Relaxation. Wednesday 6pm 

Calming lying down under a blanket sessions  for 30- 40 minutes. This is not meditation but more awareness of the breath, spine , eyes, feet, jaw to calm the nervous system.




Private hourly Zoom sessions working on specific areas of your body that you feel need some extra help and attention.


These sessions can be seated or mat based using Pilates movements for core strength, whole body movement, stretches & Somatic movements which are slow and steady, focusing on awareness. 

Seated Compassion Pilates Thursday 10.15 am
A lovely 30 minutes of  moving with compassion to reconnect to the body. Gentle hips, shoulders, feet and hands. 


Seated Desk Movement 

3 simple short online pre recorded lessons to help move the feet, knees , spine and neck as you sit at your desk, perfect for you if your job requires you to sit for a while at the computer or if you sew, knit, crochet. 

Each lesson ranges from 5 - 15 minutes long, is recorded , saved on You Tube and the links will be emailed to you.

£10 (3 lessons)  




Lovely 30 minute pre recorded session teaching 5 moves to help your shoulder relax, improve your  awareness of your arm and scapula and movement.  

4 moves are seated. One move is on the floor in a side lying position. 

Move at your own pace, but slow is recommended to improve awareness as you practice. 


Pelvic Floor 

A fascinating area of the body that responds to the way we see the world around us. 

The first pre recorded session has 2 exercises to help calm down a stressed over tight pelvic floor, no jumping or standing, just lying down and being calm. No Kegels, or squeezes. 

The second video is a breathing session that you do along with me. noticing how the pelvic floor moves as you breath.



Facebook VIP Group 

Pilates VIP - Daily Help for those who want a little bit more 

Pilates VIP was created as a small community of like minded

people who would love daily support for their bodies and their

minds. A private Facebook group which has over 60 Pilates videos

and "Extra Help" videos for neck pain, back pain, knee pain.

Nutrition advice.

Menopause advice from a post menopausal woman ( me!) .

3 LIVE weekly 20 minute morning sessions based around Matwork Pilates, small hand weights, standing exercises to build strong bones. 

                                       £20 per month. 

Once your booking is received, I shall contact you to send you the links for your bundle of sessions  ( via messenger or email) or to book your Zoom class/1:1

Each recorded session is a private unlisted link on You Tube which is just for your use. 

The 1:1 session or classes are on Zoom 

Please email me any queries you have to:

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buy me a Coffee.  Click the Heart. 

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